Brokenjoy is an alternative pop project (although we don’t like to categorize our music) formed in 2020.

The electronic sound is complemented by the piano, bass guitar and symphonic instruments, which sometimes appear as the main musical motif.

BrokenJoy’s music is not happy, but fundamentally optimistic.

Romantic, but with anxiety.

The music of this transcontinental project was born in Europe and the lyrics in the United States.

The idea of creating BrokenJoy first came up many years ago, but it took a long time for the plans to become reality. Songs like “Lullaby”, “Shake the Disease” or “Don’t Go” were with us in our childhood.

The technical possibilities have steered sound production in an uplifting and inspiring direction for all of us. The mixture of electronic and acoustic sound resulted in exciting solutions. We like unexpected situations and unusual solutions.

The “Manifest” was made for two years, during which many things influenced us. Did we make this kind of music or did our music change us? Do we have the ability to change? Can we be better just because we want to be?

the beginnings of


From Aspiration...

The idea to create BrokenJoy first came up in 2002 (in fact, there were already attempts at music in the 90s), but it took 20 years for the plans to become a reality. Songs like “Lullaby,” “Shake the disease,” or “Don’t go,” our childhood favorite songs, inspired us.

Previously, the common musical taste and mindset within the band steered the sound production in a direction that was uplifting and inspiring for all of us. The mix of electronic and acoustic sound has resulted in exciting solutions.

sound the way we want it to

We wanted to realize our ideas. Our determination necessitated some investment, which made it possible to realize the musical ideas.

Every music we have listened to since we were children has left an indelible mark on us. Just as social skills and music allowed for a kind of development, we can also call it music socialization …

Many children played in small cars as children, we played synthesizers, played guitar, went to the choir (although singing at school was not our favorite). Believe it or not, we could also recall the least known songs of Clarke, Smith or L. Gore in our dream.


The Award we've won.

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Golden Music 2020

Honorable Award from Most Popular Music Magazine

"My favorite body part is my heart. Nothing beats loving and being loved."

- Elle Macpherson


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